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Guided tours

Everyone knows about the rich historical cultural heritage of the Grodno region. Ancient castles and palaces, beautiful cathedrals and churches, sonorous names of the great kings and illustrious princes are closely intertwined with the land. However, it still Grodnenschena wonderful world of wildlife. Neman steep shores, majestic forests and bright birch gai. Land of Neman, a haven of animals, which in many other regions are considered extinct or are on the verge of extinction. So in the Grodno Forest can be found burrows badgers, owners of our forests bison, black storks nesting. Many mysteries and secrets kept local places. That is why FME "Grodno Forestry" invites you to plunge into the world of nature. 

FME "Grodno Forestry" offers the following excursions:​


Cost per group: 160 bel. rub. visit forest nursery cost 3 ruble per person

Duration: 3-4 hours

Route: Grodno - nursery Zarubichi - Grodno


The tour will be of interest not only to specialists in the forestry sector, but also to all those who are interested in the beauty of nature, biology of plants and forestry operations. During familiarization with the kennel, you will learn about the features of growing trees and bushes. A tour of the ecological trail will introduce you to rare species of trees. You can learn the features and secrets of growing forests. You will meet with the only in Belarus positive plantation of European beech. So in the nursery grow many species of ornamental rocks, which are used for the decoration of settlements, private areas and recreational areas.During the tour you will find a master class on ornamental plants for the care and of course everyone will be able to buy myself any plant for your home.


Cost per group: 180 bel. rub., visit hunting aviary cost 4 rubles per person

Duration: 3-4 hours

Route: Grodno  - Kadysh - Hunting aviary


The tour on the theme of hunting. During a short trip into the world of animals, you'll learn about the hunting traditions of our ancestors, as well as get acquainted with the life of the forest inhabitants. 

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