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Rest in the hunter's house

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  • stopping point – 60 rubles per day;
  • hunter's house (summer) – 160 rubles per day, for 6 persons;
  • hunter's house (winter) – 190 rubles per day, for 6 persons;
    • bathhouse — 45 rubles for 3 hours of use;
    • bicycle rentals — 3,5 rubles per in an hour;
    • bicycle rentals — 12 rubles per day;


It is really a great place for those who would like to spend holidays in seclusion, away from prying eyes. Hunter's house is equipped with ten beds, a spacious living room and functional kitchen. The house has hot and cold running water, bathrooms, both on the first and on the second floor. There are the necessary appliances for a comfortable life: washing machine, microwave oven, TV and stereo. In the yard - a large glazed arbor with a brazier, where it is possible, even in bad weather barbecue and enjoy the local scenery. On the complex there is a great bathhouse, after which you can plunge into the cool waters of the Black Ganca.

For outdoor enthusiasts additionally provide walking tours in the surrounding area, rafting down the Augustow Channel, observation of wild animals, excursions in Grodno and the surrounding area.

Stopping place at Dombrovka: gazebo for 25 people, equipped fireplace, firewood, 4 beds, electricity.

This is a great place for those who enjoy outdoor activities. It is possible to rent bicycles, nearby is an extensive network of bicycle paths.

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